Metal-Ceramics Brazing

High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) is a popular choice of material for hermetic packaging because of its desired electrical properties, high mechanical strength and good thermal conductivity.

Mat-Tech produces its own HTCC blend, which makes hermetically dense metal connections possible. Mat-Tech’s HTCC services are most commonly used in military, aerospace, medical devices and high temperature applications.

Co-fired ceramic joints are made through four different machining steps, including material preparation, green processing, sintering and after-burning processing. Material preparation consists of milling raw materials into an insulated “green tape” and conductive inks. Green processing consists of punch cavities, via punch, filling, screen printing and lamination. Once the green process is complete, the composite of ceramic and metal is “baked together” in a carefully controlled atmosphere. The processing after fire consists of additional printing, sawing, processing and soldering. Almost all components are covered with Ni and Au for solder and wire bonded applications. Mat-Tech offers both electroless and electrolytic deposition of metal on surface, as well as a variety of thin variations.