Active Brazing of Aluminium Oxide Ceramics

Introduction Aluminium Oxide Ceramics is considered as an attractive material in designing of various components when “thermal management issues” are of concern, and Carbon Dioxide is used as a coolant.             In our particular case, a specification of the industrial problem can be outlined as following. A system of rectangular grooves (with dimensions of an […]

Brazing of Cemented Tungsten Carbide to DIN 1.2343 Tool Steel

Introduction Although cemented carbide is resistance to thermal shock, it will not withstand stresses caused by severe thermal gradients when brazed to a material such as DIN 1.2343 Tool Steel with a significantly different coefficient of thermal expansion. For comparison, thermal expansion coefficient of the Cemented Tungsten Carbide (e.g. Grade TSM33, 10 wt.% Co) is […]